If for no other reason, the 2RedBeans t-shirt should be purchased because it has Chinese characters on it, let alone they are the cute, bold, charming - “我要嫁人” (Marry Me) characters. It is hot and dangerous. Follow the direction strictly to utilize your newly acquired 2 Red Beans to unleash your full potential.

Step 1. Expose

Let’s start simple - just wear it.

You are at a social event and someone is beaming electric pheromones at you. What measures do you take to send him/her the signal that you are more available, more qualified, more special than anyone else on this earth? Walking up to him/her and say “Hi, I just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend 10 minuets ago, would you like to go out?" Would that be awkward?

A simple alternative - wear the 2RedBeans t-shirt phrase “我要嫁人”! You have already very effectively yet smoothly announced your availability to the audience. Now you are officially on their “potential list”.

Step 2. Attract

Now let’s make it a bit more challenging – wear it with personality.

Without doing anything extra, the 2RedBeans t-shirt is already showing off your great characteristics for you: “I am confident!”, “I am bold!”, “I am open-minded and adventurous!” and “I have a great sense of humor!” To make this t-shirt a more complete statement for you, you should get comfortable and be natural when you wear it in public – open up your chest and welcome any attention drawn to the t-shirt with a charming smile. You can even add you own personality by mixing and matching the t-shirt with cool pieces of clothing and accessories like the examples here.


Step 3. Impress

It’s time to get deep – go beyond the superficial appearance to showcase the intelligence.

After an hour at the party with the t-shirt, someone with a sharp eye and a curious mind would’ve probably asked “what’s the funny looking square on the back?” If not, you could also bring it to people’s attention yourself whenever they comment on your shirt (and I am sure they will).


Then you can say with pride and a smile: “This is a QR code! If you scan the image on my t-shirt with your iPhone or other smart phones using any barcode reading application, it will automatically direct you to my profile page on 2RedBeans.com! Isn’t it amazing?” Then you can borrow his or her phone and demonstrate it – before you realize it, not only have you impressed the person with what a cool and smart t-shirt you are wearing and your knowledge about QR code, you have also discretely left your name and contact in the person’s phone. Hooray!

Step 4. Follow Up

The finishing line to a wonderful beginning of a great relationship – get in touch after the first encounter.

Of course, there are many ways to do that. With your great t-shirt demonstration, you might have someone request you as a friend on facebook before you even reach home; or the experience might have boosted your confidence and charm enough to allow you exchange contact information on the spot.

What if no? Don’t worry. 2RedBeans t-shirt will give you a few more chances. For example, the URL on the back will give help them to track you down. If all that fails, they might still remember to check out 2RedBeans.com and forge through piles and piles of profile and finally wink at you. The possibilities are endless!